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Whether pursuing multifamily development, industrial, retail or office space, our acquisitions team at Keltic can help you achieve your strategic objectives through a knowledge-based approach to secure your next investment.

We can help you with the following:

  • Sourcing Development Land
  • Sourcing Income Property with a good Capital Return
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Pro Forma Development and Analysis
  • Density Placement Study
  • Deal Structuring & Negotiation

Our extensive development experience creates instant value for each and every project we underwrite for our partners and clients.

Rezoning Applications

Whether it be initial conception, selecting consultant firms or achieving municipal approvals and entitlements, our development team will be your single point of management throughout the entire process, putting your interests at the forefront.

Keltic’s team recognizes that the development process is essential to both ensuring the project is targeted to the correct market and meets the Owner’s performance expectations but is also supportable by the Municipality. With experience in most major building types, most municipalities in Metro Vancouver and across Canada, the development team will be able to help you take any project throughout rezoning and entitlement.

Cost Estimating

As a stand-alone service or part of Project Management, Keltic’s Project Management team can provide owners with detailed cost estimates at key project stages, from conceptual design to project closeout. The Project Management team can also advise on constructability, potential areas of risk, cash flow projection and areas of cost inflation. These detailed cost estimates help owners effectively manage their capital, reduce risk and maximize project value.

Project Management

Project Management

If hired as owner’s representatives, Keltic will act as an extension of the owner’s staff. Keltic will provide construction oversight through the lifecycle of the project, protecting the owner’s interests at all times. As the owner’s “eyes and ears”, Keltic will represent the owner both in meetings and onsite to ensure the project is designed to the optimum efficiency, delivered on time, on budget and in accordance with the construction documents.

Our services are adaptable to projects of all types, sizes, construction methodology and procurement methods, including but not limited to traditional construction management, Design-Build and Public-Private Partnerships. Working as your representative, Keltic allows clients to focus on their core business without worrying about managing the real estate projects.

Project Financing

Project Financing

Whether you are looking for construction financing or land financing, Keltic can help you to connect with the right lenders to obtain the best financing options for your real estate project. Through our extensive network of real estate financiers in Metro Vancouver and given our extensive credit with top lenders, we will make sure our development partners access the same pool of funding for their projects, providing the optimal loan terms.

First of its kind in Vancouver:

You Decide How Much You Pay for the Value You will Receive

Once you have established your preferred fee range, we can tailor our services to meet your objectives and suit your budget.

We look forward to connecting and contributing to your success.

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