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Keltic Developments

Homeowner Care


At Keltic, we offer a robust Homeowner Care system to ensure your property needs are met even after move-in. We offer quick, convenient communication through our homeowner portal, which is further backed by our reliable professional support team. After all, we’re here to assist you each and every step of the way.


This project has now been completed and is now managed by:

Walter Lam | Dorset Realty
604.270.1711 Ext. 113 or [email protected]



This project has now been completed and is now managed by:

For Homeowners

Roger Yang | Rancho Management Services 
604.331.4225 or [email protected] 

For Office

Cherie Shea | Rancho Management Services 
[email protected]

For Commercial

Jen Xi | Dorset Realty  
604.270.1711 ext 126  or [email protected]


This project has now been completed and is managed by:

For Homeowners & Commercial

Francois Beauchemin | First Service Residential
[email protected]


Where can I locate my Homeowner Guide?

All Keltic homeowners will receive their Homeowner Guide during the key handover process. Additionally, all guides, including warranty packages, are digitally accessible through the “Documents” tab in the Homeowner Portal.

Where can I find information on my home’s warranty?

Your home warranty packages are available in the “Documents” tab of your Homeowner Portal. The Keltic team will also provide you with a physical copy during the key handover.

Who do I contact for deficiencies or repairs?

Keltic’s Homeowner Care team supports new homeowners with home orientation, key pick-up, and in-suite warranty issues during the warranty period. 

Strata Property Management is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the building, including arranging repairs and maintenance of common and limited-common areas. 

The on-site Building Manager handles daily cleaning and maintenance, reports repairs to the Strata Property Manager, and coordinates with contractors. 

To report an in-suite service request, homeowners should submit the request (along with photo) via the Homeowner Portal. Please note that only service requests covered by warranty will be processed; our team conducts assessments to verify that they qualify under the warranty.

For appliance related issues, homeowners can find their Trail Appliance contact information on the Homeowner Portal.

What’s the process of resolving my deficiency requests?

  1. Report your issue on the Homeowner Portal. 
  2. Book an in-suite deficiency review on the Homeowner Portal. A team member will come to your suite to assess requests in-person on the scheduled date. 
  3. Our team collects all issues for the unit and then evaluates them. 
  4. The information is then passed on to our general contractor who collaborates with the respective professionals to address these problems. 
  5. Once a schedule is set with the respective professional, we will reach out to you to arrange access for the repairs. 

When can I expect my deficiency requests to be resolved?

Our homeowner care team aims to resolve all requests in a timely manner, and requests are prioritized based on urgency. The resolution timeline for each submission depends on the nature of the request. For instance, certain parts may be imported and could take several weeks to arrive, and supply restraints could also impact resolution timelines. 

Can I change, replace, or modify my appliances and/or hardware?

Homeowners have the freedom to replace their appliances if permitted by the strata. We recommend that homeowners wait until their warranty expires to replace their appliances, as any modifications or replacements made prior to that may void their warranties.

What system is in place for my home’s heating and cooling?

Heat pumps are a wonderful addition to your home, offering numerous benefits that help make your living space more comfortable and eco-friendlier. As required by the province, these systems support energy-saving efforts and reduce our environmental impact. Heat pumps have the ability to provide both heating and cooling, ensuring a comfortable temperature all year round. This versatility can also lead to savings on your utility bills. It is important to note that heat pumps may produce more noise compared to traditional systems. However, this efficient system allows for year-round climate control, energy savings, and environmental benefits. Please note that this information is only applicable to certain Keltic homes. 

How do I book the amenity spaces?

Homeowners can book the amenity spaces for private use and events through their Building Manager.